Web notifications for better user experience

Today, i will show you my latest javascript library for web notifications. Notify.js is a lightweight library written in javascript. You can use this library without jQuery.

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Superfast lightweight javascript gallery library

Nowadays, there is a lot of jQuery plugins for everything which causes slowdown your website. Also, there is a lot of jQuery gallery libraries for image slideshow.

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Useful javascript library for inline searching

In one of the previous posts, i presented you a lightweight javascript library for

dynamically  joining pictures. Today, i will show you SearchJS, a very useful open source javascript library for inline searching which not requires jQuery. SearchJS is a fast searching engine written in javascript, good for one page websites or documentation html pages.

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The best wordpress plugin for trending content at your website or blog

Often, when you get start to write some content for your website or personal blog, you don’t know what is trend at the moment. To make research “what is hot today”, is boring or you don’t have a time for this, but content which is not popular, is less attractive for users. For that purpose I made a wordpress plugin, Popular on Web, that suggest you what to write, based on trending searches from google search.

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Join multiple photos with pure javascript library

Javascript is a programming language for the web. We can use to create very useful things such as libraries, that users can easily use the benefits of this programming language with less code. Today i will show you javascript library for fast joining photos, useful for creating featured images or banners for web sites like gsmarena.com where users can compare two or more mobile phones.

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