Increase user pageviews to your wordpress website

Check out my new wordpress plugin that helps you increase user engagement on your website by offering related content in the responsive popup box. User engagement is one of the most important things for successful website. Many websites do not shows more content to users after reading some content or shows related content at the bottom of the content or at the left or right sidebar. This is okay, but not clearly visible to the users who read content on your website.

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The best wordpress plugin for trending content at your website or blog

Often, when you get start to write some content for your website or personal blog, you don’t know what is trend at the moment. To make research “what is hot today”, is boring or you don’t have a time for this, but content which is not popular, is less attractive for users. For that purpose I made a wordpress plugin, Popular on Web, that suggest you what to write, based on trending searches from google search.

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