Web notifications for better user experience

Today, I will show you my latest javascript library for web notifications. Notify.js is a lightweight library written in javascript. You can use this library without jQuery.

With this library, you can improve the user experience with minimalistic and simple notifications.

Basic usage

notify.create("Enter your text here");

The first parameter and only required is text for the notification. With other config parameters, you can set position, skin, and close event for notification.

config = {
    'position': 'top-right', //top-right|top-left|bottom-left|bottom-right
    'skin': 'default', //default|primary|success|danger|warning|info
    'click_to_exit': true //true|false
notify.create("Enter your text here", config);


Create notification

The source code is at my github.

Hope this library will be useful to you! Happy coding!


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