Increase user pageviews to your wordpress website

Check out my new WordPress plugin that helps you increase user engagement on your website by offering related content in the responsive popup box. User engagement is one of the most important things for a successful website. Many websites do not show more content to users after reading some content or show related content at the bottom of the content or at the left or right sidebar. This is okay, but not clearly visible to the users who read content on your website.

WP Float Related Content is easy to install and configure.


Also, you can customize the plugin, by changing the title, reading more text, visual effects, mode, click tracking, and showing random content if there isn’t related content.

In the mode section, you can choose between timeout and scrolldown. If you choose timeout mode, the popup box will show after N seconds ( you can set the timeout ). The scrolldown is the default mode that shows the popup box after scrolling N percent of the page ( you can set the percentage of scrolling ). For more statistics about clicks on the related content, you can track this click on Google Analytics.

This video shows you how this plugin works:

You can download this plugin from official wordpress plugins page.

I hope that this plugin can help you engage users with your website 🙂


2 responses to “Increase user pageviews to your wordpress website”

  1. Maybe you should add option to set a cookie. It’s annoying showing on every page. Or maybe add the ability to detect when user is about to leave the site (close tab/window) and then show it. Other than that it’s a nice plugin.

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